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A healthy democracy requires active participation and prepares its people to self-govern by providing a practical understanding of how the government works, how power is leveraged and the skills to exercise their rights and represent their interests. 

Help Get Democracy Class Into Classrooms

Democracy Class is a free, nonpartisan curriculum that educates high school students about the importance and history of voting and pre-registers and registers them to vote.

Educators will have access to additional lesson plans featuring:

  • The history and importance of voting
  • Modern-day voting rights
  • The importance of local elections
  • How voting impacts issues
  • The 2020 Census

Advisory Council

Join Us and Teach Democracy Class

This is a call for all educators, parents, and community leaders to bring Democracy Class into classrooms and community centers across the country. Join us and sign up to receive the curriculum and training materials!

Democracy Class Partners

Partners are promoting Democracy Class to their teacher and community member networks, and setting goals to have the curriculum taught in a number of schools and community centers. Join us and activate your communities!