Rock the Vote applauds the legal decision in Ohio

Rock the Vote applauds the recent legal decision in Ohio to allow 17-year-olds, who will turn 18 before the general election in November, to vote in Ohio’s critical presidential primaries. Nine teens from across the state had sued saying that the interpretation of the law by Ohio’s Secretary of State, Jon Husted, eliminated their voting rights. 

“Plaintiffs are entitled to a judgment that the secretary abused his discretion,” Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Richard Frye said in his ruling about Husted.

The secretary had said he would appeal the decision, but has since decided not to. Husted said the timing would give his office “no effective way to responsibly make the changes necessary to implement an orderly election.” He directed the state’s 88 county elections boards Friday night to comply with the order.

“This ruling will allow thousands of young people, who are increasingly engaged in this election cycle, to vote for the candidate who best addresses the issues they are concerned about,” said Sarah Audelo, Rock the Vote’s Political and Field Director. She continued, “At Rock the Vote, we consistently champion the expansion of participation in our political process, especially by young people who wish to have a say in their future.”