Tonight Rock the Vote is celebrating alongside young Americans nationwide as reports indicate record turnout in the 2008 election.  From coast to coast we have witnessed young voters flooding the polls excited and enthusiastic to cast their ballots. 
For 18 years Rock the Vote has promised that young people would reward elected officials and candidates for public office with their support on Election Day if they were reached out to in a sustained, substantive and authentic way.
President-elect Obama did precisely that and more. He responded to the concerns and questions that they have. He found them on the Internet, engaged them through text messaging and technology and devoted resources and time to earn their trust.
This is a transformative moment. Research shows that once people register and vote for the first time, they become active members of the electorate for the rest of their lives. The same people who elected President-elect Obama will now ensure that he has the support to make the real changes so many of us have been calling for. And in the future public officials who overlook them as a bloc will do so at their own peril.
“Young voters have dispelled the notion of an apathetic generation and proved the pundits, reporters and political parties wrong by voting in record numbers today,” said Heather Smith, the Executive Director of Rock the Vote. “The Millennial generation is making their mark on politics and shaping our future.”
Rock the Vote has worked tirelessly to respond to those people who were skeptical about whether and to what extent young people care to get involved in politics. After tonight, there is no question: young people care deeply about and are very motivated to serve the vision they have for their futures. 
Tonight, Rock the Vote celebrates the historic levels of turnout we witnessed in this election with the more than 2.5 million young people who downloaded registration forms from our website, attended our rallies, responded to our text messages, wore our t-shirts, visited our bus.  They changed our country and politics forever.  It will never be the same.   

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